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5 Practice-from-Home Must Haves

Hi all! It's Camden here with 5 of your absolute must-haves if you're practicing from home this year (or last year or next year, or until the world stops ending).

These Amazon acoustic panels

Evil Jeff aside, these panels are affordable, easy to install, come in a million different colors, and double as decor if you're feeling quirky! They come in a pack of six, but they're roughly a foot each in diameter and can take up a LOT of wall space. They're also renter-friendly - each panel can be attached with command strips (and still look cute!). Gone are the days of the inevitable knock on your door from a mildly or wildly perturbed neighbor. Nevermore we will hear "my dog is barking!" "you're too loud!" "My daughter's neighbor's aunt's cousin is taking at nap at 11 a.m.!" Trust me - they're worth it.

This practice stand

You could steal one from work, but just in case you're not a glutton for punishment, I would HIGHLY recommend picking up one of these bad boys. Super sturdy, lasts forever, and is made by a company with phenomenal customer service. I promise this post isn't sponsored (looking at you, Sweetwater), but did I mention they have free shipping?

This tiny keyboard by Casio

Listen, I have tiny hands. Like, child-size-can-barely-touch-an-octave hands, and I still hate every piano app I have ever tried. I cannot tell you how many times I've been trying to learn a piece and the app will crash, or the touch screen will think I'm touching more than one key at a time. It is absolutely maddening and I know in my heart that if Tiny Hands McLean has a hard time using them, any regular person with regular-sized hands will lose their mind. So, if you're going to invest in anything to help your practice routine, it's this. The best part? As far as keyboards go, this price point is pretty approachable, and it'll fit on a standard-size desk!

This humidifier for those cold winter days that dry you out like a lil' raisin

Hey, my lil' dehydrated bestie! I know you're already drinking enough water, but if you live anywhere that gets COLD cold, you know that there are some days that water intake will just not cut it. Luckily, Forbes came up with a list of the best humidifiers on the market right now. This one was featured as their best humidifier for the budget-conscious consumer. In other words, me and probably you if I know our audience by now. I've personally used this exact model for about three years now, and it has been an absolute lifesaver on more than one occasion.

The knowledge that any mistakes you make will not be heard by anyone other than your neighbors.

I don't know about you, dear reader, but practicing at home is one of my favorite things. It's a space where I can really let it rip, and be as messy as I need to be until I get it right. But if you're like me, you also are probably way too hard on yourself. Remember, lovey, practicing is a time to set a goal and get as close as you can to reaching it. Whatever your process may be, know that any effort is a good effort and that even when practicing feels impossible, you're a singer. You are doing this because it makes you feel the most alive, the most vibrant, the most whole version of yourself. Even if there isn't a gig on the horizon, you deserve to practice. Stop judging yourself and get to some SANGin'.

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