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What Your YAP Says About You

Ahh, summertime. The sun, the fun, the thousands of dollars in pay-to-sing tuition. There's never been a truer love/hate relationship than that of summertime and singers. I mean really, when else can you find tons of fun for the low cost of three months' rent?

Oh, but I'm getting off track here. My point is, everyone's got to do it, but what does your pay-to-sing of choice say about you? We asked our readers to find out.

Aspen Music Festival and School

Location: Aspen, CO

"You have money but it's gauche to talk about money."

"Your Tinder bio says that you loooove hiking, but do you really? Do you loooove it?"

"I think I saw Bambi there once?"

Brevard Music Center Summer Institute and Festival

Location: Brevard, NC

"You never got over that one summer camp from the 4th grade, but neither did anyone else so it's chill."

"You went to Brevard because you wanted the staff to adopt you."

"You're outdoorsy and you know it."

Music Academy of the West

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

"You like long walks on the beach and singing until your teeth fall out."

"You definitely had an English teacher that inspired you in high school."

"Old people love you in the same way they love Bernie Sanders and sunset cruises."

Santa Fe Opera

Location: Santa Fe, NM

"You are the elite. Like, for real."

"The bougie-est of bougie singers."

"You have main character syndrome and we love you for it."

Opera in the Ozarks

Location: Eureka Springs, AR

"You like to party. A lot."

"You wore Birkenstocks before they were cool."

"You're very popular amongst old people with questionable political interests." (We've all been there. Let's be honest.)

"My friend got a bug in her ear there and had to go to the hospital."

There are so many amazing, enriching, and oh yeah, did we mention ✨expensive✨ programs out there. But whether you're in a YAP, planning your next round of auditions for one, or taking a well-deserved break, we think you'll appreciate our oh-so-spicy takes.

What do you think -- did we cover all the bases? Let us know below!

- Camden McLean

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