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The Classical Musician's Guide to Social Media
  • The Classical Musician's Guide to Social Media


    Learn how to turn your concert audience into your everyday audience with The Classical Musician's Guide to Social Media.


    In this 50 page eBook you will:

    • Learn how to build a personal brand 
    • Learn how to design a cohesive feed
    • Discover which apps to use for engaging graphics + videos
    • Draw from post inspiration specifically for classical musicians
    • Build a posting schedule that works for you
    • Learn how to master Instagram/ Facebook Stories
    • Learn how to read and interpret your insights/ engagement
    • And so much more!


    Whether you love or dread social media, the classical music industry is changing, and it's more important than ever to have a strong online brand. If you're looking to grow your following, promote your work effectively, and increase brand awareness, this eBook is for you. 


    Please note this eBook primarily covers mastering Instagram + Facebook. Keep an eye out for a Social Media for Musicians 2.0 Ebook covering Twitter + YouTube in the future. 

    • Product Description

      50 page Ebook created by Opera Offstage.

      Downloadable as a PDF.

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